Agents, Teams, Broker, Assistants, Designers & Marketers. can easily tweak, modify, and extend a website with minimal effort. Create your own custom blocks from scratch and fully own the markup / CSS / Javascript for full control of your website. Doing print or social media? Access MyRealtyPage pre-designed templates and easily customize them to suite your needs.
Yes, you can, you may contact our technical team for further assistance.
Yes, we do with no additional cost. You may Contact our support team for more information.
Depending on how you contracted us, we will help you post, create graphics, create a content strategy, sync the strategy to include the products and services you want to sell, answer questions and comments, posting consistently on your desired platform.
Our paid SERVICE TIER for custom website design highlight as follows; Starter ₦31,250/annum, Standard ₦55,000/annum, Ultimate (Advanced) ₦165,000/annum. In conclusion, custom website design prices revolve around the domain name, cost of hosting, and programmer’s fee which is determined by factors such as the type of website the prospective client need and the features involved.
The working process of SKWNAPP CREATIVE include: We hold an onboarding meeting with a new client in-person. Getting to know one another better and show a trusting relationship. If face-to-face isn’t an option, due to COVID-19, we set up a virtual meeting well ahead of time. During the meeting, We then start by briefly reviewing client project details, and answer or clarify any lingering questions.